Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sermon Notes from 12.11.11

Here are the sermon notes from the third Sunday of Advent.  You can find these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also download the sermon audio from our podcast on iTunes.

Advent 2011 - Joy
Isaiah 35
Candle of Joy is different color b/c it’s a different concept.  
    • Hope is a byproduct of seeing God.  Peace is a byproduct of seeing God. 
    • Joy is something we pursue in God.  He’s not glorified by teeth-clinched duty (unless it’s repentant, sorrowful duty).  
But Christmas isn’t joy for everyone.
    • Grief and loss - Reminder of what you don’t have or who you don’t have anymore.
    • Family - dysfunction, bitterness, frustration, etc.
  • The dry places will experience refreshing and fruitfulness (v.1-2).  
  • Transformation will come to individuals and places (v.5-7).
  • God’s people will be with Him forever (v.8-10)
The one word that is associated throughout this passage with His promises is joy.
  • As promised, God came to save His people.
  • All His vengeance and reward for sin was satisfied at the cross.
  • Everyone who turns to Him will be received. (v.3-4)
      • Spiritually barren?  
      • Weak and feeble?
      • Anxious b/c of your past?
  • Joyful songs come from joyful hearts.

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