Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sermon Notes from Sunday, September 25th

Here are the notes from today's sermon from Philippians 2.12-18.  It was a quick one, covering a whole bunch of material in as short amount of time as possible.  To get these notes in PDF and find the sermon audio, visit  You can also find the sermon audio on iTunes via our podcast.

Part 6 – Ready to Grow
Philippians 2.12-18

What Salvation?
  • Biblical salvation has several components – it is more than forgiveness.
  • Biblical salvation has two major spheres:  legal and relational.

Why Work it Out?
  • The project of the renovation my life is not complete nor should it be stagnant.
  • We participate with Christ to work out what He has worked in us.
  • Grace is never opposed to our effort but our entitlement.

How is it Worked Out?
  • Relying on God’s initiative, direction, motivation, and energy.
  • Living by faith in God’s promises and in obedience to His precepts.
  • Taking up practices of spiritual disciplines that God uses to transform us.
  • Walking in perseverance during the everyday and extraordinary trials of life.

What are the Outcomes?
  • Greater desire for and actualized obedience.
  • Greater perspective and unity.
  • Greater pursuit of purity.
  • Greater witness in word and deed.
  • Greater willingness to sacrifice.

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