Thursday, September 29, 2011

Classic story

Some stories in Ministryland just get around.  They're classics.  And they are so because they're so good.  This one is one of my favorites... (maybe you've heard it in its variations).

A pastor of a church in Oklahoma during the dust bowl days had been praying with his people for rain during the devastating drought.  The deacons suggested that they gather together for prayer Sunday evening before the service.  When the deacon body assembled, the pastor walked in, looked around, and promptly walked out.

Frustrated, the deacons dispatched one of their own to figure out why he was not joining them and leading them in prayer.  After some convincing, he rejoined the deacons who asked him, "Pastor, why won't you lead us in this prayer meeting?"

The pastor replied, "Why are we here to pray?"

"We need rain, pastor.  We came to pray for rain.  You know that."

"Then why didn't anyone bring an umbrella?"

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