Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sermon Notes from Sunday, September 18th

Here are the notes from today's sermon from Philippians 2.3-11, often called the Philippian hymn.  Hopefully it will remind you, as it did me in study, of God's amazing character and His passion to be glorified in His people.  To get these notes in PDF and the sermon audio, visit  You can also find the audio on iTunes via our podcast.

5 – Sing an Old Hymn
Philippians 2.3-11

Humility looks after the interest of others instead of pursuing rivalry with them.

Humility considers others more important instead of letting conceit reign.

You don’t find humility by searching for it but by losing yourself in something larger.

Jesus Christ is…
  • Full of integrity – He asks what He is willing to do Himself.
  • Fully God – many ascribe many attributes, but He is divine.
  • Fully Human – He spoke our love language.
  • Obedient in Sacrifice – He lived perfectly and died cruelly as the perfect sacrifice.
  • Exalted – living today as the Resurrected King.
  • Worthy of Worship – the question is when knees bow and tongues confess, not if they will.

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