Friday, July 1, 2011

Snakes are Scary: Baptists and Homosexuality

Okay.  I'm a Baptist.  I admit it.  Pray for me.

And something happened that was really funny this week to the Southern Baptist Convention.  I say "funny" because I know some might not find it all that funny, including the SBC.  Put me in the I-think-this-is-funny category.  Apparently a hacker group posted a fake SBC website and put out a press release saying that the SBC had changed its position on homosexuality.

Here's some of the report from Fox News...

The release falsely announced that the Southern Baptists had met in “extraordinary emergency session” to affirm gay rights and repent “of any past homophobia that not only hurt gay people but kept them ostracized from the church.” 
The release included phony quotes and comments affirming homosexuality from real denominational leaders, including Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright. SBC President Bryant Wright said he suspected the culprits were those in opposition to the denomination’s stance on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. 
Two parts of the report are funny to me.

First, that Bryan Wright said he thought it was probably those in opposition to the denominations stance.  Whew.  Glad he cleared that one up.  I thought maybe it was three skinny teens high on Elmer's glue, Cheetos, and Mountain Dew.  I'm sure Bryan Wright is a good guy.  But he certainly stated the obvious pretty well there.

Second, for all the resolutions and whatever-elses we've done as Baptists against Mickey and New Age and Highway Safety, we finally get something thrown back at us.  And we're a little shocked?  Is anyone surprised by this?

I'm as theologically conservative as they come on most things.  But we may have been announcing to the world what we're not in favor of and are against for so long that the real message might have been lost.

May God grant it that we're known for what we stand for and who we love and how well we love them, not what we're against.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...


  1. I am still laughing...

  2. You can put me the "that's funny" camp as well. Your conclusion is spot on as well. We're to be known for our love, not our stance on...