Monday, July 4, 2011

A prayer for America on July 4th

Father, thank you for blessing our nation with freedom in various ways.  Thank you for men and women who have sacrificed to make this freedom a reality.  Thank you for allowing us to prosper over the decades.  Thank you for granting us leadership, the rule of law, and the ability to have free elections.

But we need your forgiveness.  We have wandered away from a normalized morality and ethic, one that is rooted in Your revelation to us.  We have allowed rhetoric to rule instead of logic and sense and goodwill.  Most of all, we have forgotten how to blush with shame at our sin.

And we also need your help.  Help us to endure the test of our prosperity with a view to the future and to the world.  Help us to spread freedom among ourselves and the world, and help us to discern between that which is freedom and that which is bondage masquerading as freedom.  And help us to be confidently humble and humbly confident in attitude and action.

In Jesus' name,

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