Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 5.22.11

Here are the notes from today's sermon on work.  You can find the sermon audio and these notes in PDF at about midweek.  You should be able to find the audio on our podcast on iTunes as well.

Taking Aim at Work
Part 1
Ephesians 4.28

The power of the Gospel affects every area of our lives.

Lie #1:  Work is for status, success, and satisfaction.
  • It becomes an idol we worship or a religious tool we use to worship our idols.
  • In doing so, we tend to rob God and our families.

Lie #2:  Work is a necessary evil, but it is evil.
  • “Because work was cursed in the Garden of Eden, it’s what I have to endure.”
  • In doing so, we tend to rob God and our employers.

The Gospel redeems our work. 

  • Work was originally a good thing (Genesis 2.15).
  • Work is commanded by God as a result of the Gospel.
  • He wants to exercise His dominion through humanity, bringing order to chaos.
  • He does this so His glory can be seen in the smallest detail of life.
  • Remembering work is cursed keeps us from packing it in when it gets hard.
  • Remembering work is redeemed keeps us from missing an opportunity to glorify God.

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