Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Major Mile Marker in our Family

We had an incredible weekend.  The most substantive part of that was Sunday morning and it had nothing to do with my brilliant, funny, witty, and insightful preaching.

It had to do with our oldest son.

He got baptized this past Sunday.  Yes, I did the baptism and it was probably the greatest thing I've ever done in ministry.  But this is about him.

He's 8 years old.  He can drive us crazy.  He can get angry too quickly.  But he's a great kid with a servant-oriented heart.  And he got to bear witness to the work of Jesus in his life on Sunday.  So cool.  So proud of who Jesus is making him to be.

Baptism, for anyone who's never seen one, is where we stick someone down in the water and let him back up.  All joking aside, it's a powerful symbol of our union with Christ by faith.  When going down in the water, we remember that Jesus also went down into the grave, carrying our sin far away.  When coming up, we remember that Jesus also came up from the grave to a brand new life, a life that He offers to everyone who would trust Him.  It's not that the baptism was something that made our oldest son more religious.  Far from it.  It represented what God had already done in him.

Nothing magic.  No potions or spells.  Just a beautiful testimony of how God, through Christ, works in people's lives.  It's a picture of how He works in an 8-year old's life.

No work of our own can do what has been done for us by Christ.  Our only response is to put our confidence in Christ.  If an 8-year old can do it...

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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