Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 11.14.10

Here are the notes from the sermon on 11.14 where we covered the story of the Rich Young Man in Mark 10.17-31.  To find the sermon audio and these notes in PDF, please visit

Jesus and the Rich Guy
Mark 10.17-31

Come to God (v.17)
  • When you come, come with humility.
  • When you come, come with the right questions.

Be Open to God
  • Expect Him to test your understanding (v.18-20).   
  • Expect Him to pursue your heart (v.21-22).
  • Expect Him to challenge your assumptions (v.23-27).
  • Expect Him to continually ask more of you. 

Receive from God
  • His goodness surprises us.
  • His love liberates us (v.21).
  • He offers reward to us (v.28-31).

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