Thursday, November 25, 2010

NT75 Day 74: Revelation 15-18

My wife comes in, asks me what I'm doing, and hears this in reply:  "I'm reading Revelation for today's reading.  It's crazy stuff."

She responds:  "What part of Revelation isn't crazy stuff?"

Me:  "Good point."

All the pouring out or wrath-filled bowls on the earth, releasing plagues in Exodus-like manner, makes for quite the imagination as I'm taking in the words.  The part that got me was in 16.9 and 16.11, the people who received the wrath "did not repent and give Him glory."  Their hearts were so hardened and so calloused that they would not turn to God for mercy.  They were so darkened and so blistered by their sin that what should have been repentance was actually more sin - cursing God, hating God, blaspheming.

And right there is today's Trent moment.  How many times have I received the discipline of the Lord as punishment instead of love?  How many times has my first response been to get frustrated with my Maker instead of trust Him, especially when things don't go like I think they should.  So I continue to wrestle with my own heart.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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