Sunday, November 7, 2010

NT75 Day 57: John 1-3

Perspective matters, especially when you're dealing with God and life with God.  The prophet John had it and was clear about it.  It's one of the things that made his ministry so powerful.

In chapter 3, John expresses this again (having already done so in chapter 1).  He clearly states he is not the Christ.  He clearly states that as Jesus comes baptizing, that means John's ministry is fulfilled.  He compares himself to the best man at a wedding:  never the center of attention but one who is there for the groom.

This kind of perspective is what gives life to this utterance:  He must increase and I must decrease (3.30).  That's the way I want to live my life.  That's the way I want every sphere of my life to go.  He must increase and I must decrease in my heart, my marriage, my parenting, my ministry, my friendships, my errand-running, my work habits, my exercise...everything.

Father, may it be so in my life today.  May Jesus increase and I decrease.  Amen.

As a brief side note, John the Baptist is not the same guy who wrote the Gospel of John.  The author of the Gospel was a follower of Jesus and later an Apostle.  Same name, two different guys.

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