Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NT75 Day 72: Revelation 6-9

There are lots of things in Revelation I don't understand, so the next few days ought to be interesting to try to blog it.  Confession time:  I don't preach much from Revelation, in fact, hardly at all.  When I do, it's about worship from Revelation 4-5 or heaven from 19-22.  I guess I'm saying that to say this:  if you're confused about how things are happening or even what's happening in the texts you read, you're not alone.

In 6.9-11, we see the 5th seal opened and martyrs under the throne of God.  A couple of thoughts...

First, people in heaven seem to know what's happening on the earth.  The martyrs cry out for God to avenge their blood, which means they know it hasn't been set right yet.  So those country songs about holes in the floor of heaven and doors being left open have at least some ring of truth to them.

Second, and more poignant to me, is God's reply.  He tells them to hang in there, because their number isn't complete yet.  Read that again:  all the martyrs aren't there yet.  That says a lot.  It says that there is still serious ministry to be done that will cost some (if not many) their lives.  It says that there are things more valuable than staying alive - God is going to allow more of His witnesses to die at the hands of evil men because the Gospel is worth more than life.  It says that there will be a day of vengeance and victory for the Lord, who will right every wrong with justice.  Powerful stuff.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

P.S.  If you have questions along the way about Revelation, please feel free to ask.  I probably don't know the answer, but I'm willing to do some work to find out :)

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