Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NT75 Day 59: John 7-10

A little late on posting today, but it's been a full day.  Apologies to all three of you who hoped for something earlier...

John Newton wrote in his hymn Amazing Grace these immortal words:  I was blind but now I see.  They come straight from today's reading.  In John 9, the blind man is made to see by Jesus.  The dispute that follows shows just how hard-hearted the Pharisees were and just how alone the healed man was.  Even his parents threw him under the bus because of fear.

But the guy reported what he knew:  he was blind but now could see.

Two very brief reflections on this:  first, that telling our story is a huge part of living life with Jesus.  Whenever we get opportunities and whenever we can make opportunities, we need to tell the story of Jesus' work in our lives.  That also means it needs to be updated enough to have something to say - that He actually needs to be active in our lives.

Second, that telling our story, as powerful as it is, will not convince everyone.  Some people are hard-hearted and determined to go their own way.  My story, though told, won't change their direction.  Tell it anyway.  The goal isn't to convince someone but to glorify Jesus through the testimony you give.  If they seek to follow Him too, all the better.  Tell it anyway.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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