Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NT75 Day 58: John 4-6 and Testament Tuesday!

Two things strike me out of today's reading.

The first relates to Jesus' words about God's Word.  We're in the midst of the NT75 Challenge, so it's worth hearing.  In 5.39, Jesus reminds people that life is not found in the words of the Scriptures but in Him.  I have to be really careful clarifying that, so let me make a run at it.  Life is found in Christ.  Christ is found in the Scriptures.  But a dead study that leads to nothing but textual knowledge does not lead to life.  The whole point of the Scriptures being "living and breathing" (Heb. 4.12) is that God is alive in the words.  We have to look into the actual letters on the page to see the God who walks among them.  Therein is life - in that relationship to God, the God revealed in the Scriptures.

The second thing was Jesus using present tense verbs in chapter 6 about eating his flesh and drinking his blood.  No, He's not a cannibal.  He's a Savior who was trying to get people ready to see what was down the road at the cross.  Through trust in Him and His sacrifice, we have life.

And that leads me to Testament Tuesday.

I have had the amazing opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus a lot this week.  Several people have heard the story of Christ and His sacrifice for them, displaying God's righteousness and demonstrating His love.  All but one have moved closer to the Kingdom, some even coming back with more questions later.

I say that to say that the Gospel really is the power of God unto salvation.  I can't wait to see what all He does.  Amen!

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