Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 10.31.10

Here are the sermon notes from today's sermon on Mark 10.1-16.  I tried to take a really vision-painting tack on this text about marriage and divorce.  As always, you can find the notes in PDF and the sermon audio at

Family Matters to Jesus
Mark 10.1-16

Jesus is much more concerned with what God says is right than what man can get away with. 

  • Throughout the Bible, God relates to His people in covenant.
  • This relational covenant has seasons and its ups and downs.
  • Covenant is designed to be unbreakable (v.6, 9-11).
  • In marriage, my covenant is not only with my spouse, but also with God.

Commitment (v.7)
  • This commitment is not like other earthly commitments that tend to be bound by time and resources.
  • It is necessary to break of parental bonds to form a new family unit.
  • You must make a practice of cleaving first, foremost, finally to your spouse.
  • Remember that this is a commitment to God and spouse.

Why Commitment?
  • Heaven is a real place.
  • God uses trials for our spiritual growth.
  • You can’t fix it all.
  • You don’t know what the future holds.

Context (v.8) 
  • It is in this covenant that intimacy flourishes.
  • Apart from this security, intimacy tends to wither.
  • Intimacy is not less than the physical union, but it is more.

Children (v.13-16)
  • You have a covenant with your children that was established by God when He gave them to you.
  • Kids come into this home and are blessed.
  • Our part:  lead them to Jesus in example, teaching, shepherding, and blessing.

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