Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NT75 Day 45: Mark 9-13

It doesn't matter how much you bring to Jesus, what matters is that you bring what you have.

Jesus has an encounter with some rich people who came by with their offerings (Luke 12.41-44).  The text tells us that many rich people came bringing large sums.  We don't know their motivation, only their action.  And this comment from Jesus:  they gave out of their abundance.

In the midst of their giving, up comes a woman who contributes two small copper coins.  Again, we don't have a motivation, only a comment.  Jesus says the widow gave more than everyone else because she gave from her poverty everything she had to live on.

As a pastor, I know people give different levels.  I don't know who gives what, but I know people have different jobs and can (and do) give different amounts and do so for different reasons.  But I also know the claim Jesus lays on our lives:

He doesn't want the appropriate portion or percentage, He wants it all.

Because He's Lord, He's not laying claim to and putting His flag in the ground on a portion or percentage of our financial, emotional, sexual, spiritual, physical, or relational lives.  He's the King.  He wants and deserves it all.

You getting that?  Then you're getting His plan.  And a final warning:  He'll settle for nothing less.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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