Monday, October 4, 2010

NT75 Day 22: Acts 1-4

The book of Acts records the birth of the church and its nascent activities in spreading the Good News of Jesus around the known world.  There are tons of great stories and quotes to spur spiritual growth.  From this morning's readings, I had two questions.

First, did Peter make a mistake?  In Acts 1, he brings up the point that someone should take Judas' office and proceeds to move forward on that with Matthias as the ultimate choice.  But I've also read Acts 9, where God clearly chooses Paul as an apostle, even appearing to him personally.  I read that and wonder if Luke is letting us in on an early leadership mistake.  I'm not saying he is, but I do wonder.  And then I think about how if I get in a hurry I make mistakes (leadership and otherwise) too.

Second, do I think about the events of the original Easter weekend the way the the apostles describe it in these early chapters?  The description seems to go something like this:  evil men killed Jesus, just as God the Father had ordained to happen (see 2.23-24, 3.13-15, 4.27-28).  There is the evil component of the earthly action and the beautiful component of the sovereign plan.  The cross was no surprise and was no Plan B that God swooped in to redeem in the last moment.  He intended to do this.  Sovereignty was at work throughout.  And if it was at work throughout the most wicked, horrible, unjust action known in the history of mankind, it's probably at work in the circumstances of my life too.

But that's just me thinking thoughts (and asking questions)...

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