Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NT75 Day 24: Acts 9-13

I'm praying this for our church and my family today:

And walking in the fear of the Lord an in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, [the church] multiplied. (Acts 9.31).

I'm sure I've read that verse before, but it leapt off the page to my eyes and right into my heart before the coffee even kicked in.  I want to be a man, husband, father, and pastor who is marked by the fear of the Lord and traffic in it constantly.  I want to see that in my kids, a gleeful terror and frightening gladness in the King of the universe.  I want to see it in the church too, holy fear and awe and fright and respect and reverence.  That would sure make us different from the flippant, inconsequential world and prompt their questions.

And the Spirit's comfort too - the alongside-ness of His nature as He indwells me.  More of His activity and my recognition of it, that's what I mean.  I long for that.  I'm praying for that.

And I'll leave the result to God:  He can multiply what He and when He thinks is best.  Amen.

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