Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Beauty and the Beast

We've had a few situations in life and church and ministry and life (can I repeat that?) that remind me of the Beauty and the Beast.  Here's the beastly part:

People sin.  They're really good at it too.  I wish I could exclude myself from this category.  I wish I could somehow exempt my kids or church members or any number of folks I care about from this.  But I can't.  We're all jacked up.  Everyone of us.

But the beauty?  Sheesh.  It's gorgeous.  Sunrise or sunset, take-your-breath-away, stop-and-stare, mouth open, pancake-sized eyes, maybe even a little-bit-of-drool kind of beautiful.  It's the kind of beauty that finds a rose in the middle of a trash heap.  The contrast is actually what enhances what's is inherent within it already.

The beauty is the redemption.

Lives are changed from getting t-boned and bashed by circumstances to a steadiness of foot amid the wreckage.  People go from an immature, selfish, emotional two-year old to people you'd count on to be your pallbearers.  The tree bark that your nose is pressed into and is so uncomfortable and threatening becomes a reminder that there is a forest and not just a tree, so the perspective changes and the big picture is something better than you could have ever painted - heck, ever imagined.

The kicker for me is that I often times find myself desiring the beauty of redemption without the beast of what we need to be redeemed FROM.  If there's not a messy artist's studio, there's no amazing art that comes from it.  It pushes me toward patience until the beauty shows itself.

Be patient, Trent.  Be patient.

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