Monday, January 27, 2014

Galatians on the Horizon

I'm kicking off the book of Galatians in the coming Sundays and because it might be slightly interesting to know why, I though I'd offer the rationale.

Our church has been pushed by the Holy Spirit (in the best possible way) to create a Culture of Invitation within our church family.  We understand that to be that the baseline expectation and most basic strategy of evangelism for our church membership is to consistently invite people to church:  neighbors, friends, coworkers, the lady at Kroger, the guy at the KwikLube, and a ton of others.  In order to see lives transformed by the Gospel, part of what needs to happen is people need to be in a place where they are exposed to the preaching of the Gospel.  We would never want to take away from a person sharing the Gospel across the table from another person, but we also know that can't always happen in a work environment, at the grocery store, or other places where legal or time restraints impose themselves.  But an invitation to church is different.  It can happen any time and any where.

So we encourage our people to ask, "Do you go to church any where regularly?" (that last word being a key word).  And then respond accordingly.

Because we are being pushed along by the Holy Spirit in this, we are taking on the book of Galatians which is Paul's beautiful treatise on Christian Freedom and the nature of the Gospel.  Throughout the book, Paul does a kind of compare and contrast of "This IS the Gospel" versus "This is NOT the Gospel."

What better way to expose people to the reality of what God has done for us in Christ and how He has pursued us?

Please join us in praying that God will draw people there and then transform their lives through the preaching of His Word.

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