Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sermon Notes from Sunday 1.26.14 from Luke 6.46-49

Here are the sermon notes from the final installation of the series, Apprentices, that has as its heart defining who we are as a church.  You can find these notes in PDF and the audio at  You can also get the audio via our podcast on iTunes.

Part 4 – Teach to Transform
Luke 6.46-49

Great Commission:  teach them to obey
  • To become that kind of apprentice, you don’t get a bigger checklist or more consistent checklist – you become a different kind of person
  • God doesn’t want you to obey but become the kind of person who normally obeys Him

These are the pictures of biblical transformation
  • It is not external change, though you can expect external change
  • It is a foundational change at the level of the heart

Two Formative Truths:
Jesus has the authority to speak
  • He answers the question of autonomy

Jesus has the intelligence to speak
  • He answers the question of relevance

Transformation more consistently happens in circle than in a row

Why we do Circles (convinced from biblical models, church history, and personal experience that these are the best)
  • You are transformed by them
  • You get to live out Jesus’ commands
  • You know you are not alone
  • You get to play a role in others’ transformation

How we do Circles
  • Sunday School
  • Weekly Small Groups
  • Weekly Bible Studies

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