Tuesday, January 7, 2014

14 Ways to Pray for your Church in 2014

I just wrote the following prayer points for our church's Midweek Memo.  But I think they apply across the board for churches - yours included.  

Everyone wants to lose weight, quit smoking, lessen their reality TV intake, read more books, and so forth in 2014.  Your diet probably starts next Monday.  Or yesterday.  And then restarts next Monday. You know the drill.

Here are 14 ways to pray in 2014:

1.  God's Kingdom coming and His will being done in your life, in your family, and in your church

2.  Salvation for family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers

3.  Hearts that are in flames as you gather with other saints in the worship of God

4.  Liberty for those spiritually captive to greed, lust, shame, and loneliness.  Those four chains seem to pock the landscape of America more than most.

5.  Those enduring trials to be shaped by them and not simply relieved from them

6.  Your church to be a good place for the broken and the prodigals

7.  Church growth to be by transformation of lives, not transfer from other churches.  We pray this so often as a church staff that it can be rote.  But we mean it.  O God, You know we mean it.

8.  A specific mission opportunity to pan out giving us the chance to work in orphanages (this one is specific to our church, though you can join us in praying for it!)

9.  Your family to see if God would allow you to adopt or foster a child

10.  When you gather for worship, a tangible sense of God's presence with you

11.  When appropriate, boatloads of genuine laughter and genuine tears among your church family (Rom 12.15)

12.  A culture of invitation that consistently brings outsiders along the journey with you

13.  More small groups and Sunday School classes (again, a specific Heritage Park request)

14.  That you, as individuals and a church family, would be deeply and insolubly stained by your allegiance to Christ

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