Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sorta Kinda Adoption Update (with an update to the update)

My wife, the Queen, has been posting pretty regularly at our family's blog about various and sundry things related to our adoption process.  I am updating here just every so often to keep things before those who don't regularly check in with us via Facebook or other social avenues.

Currently, we have received our LoA (Letter of Acceptance, some call it RA - Referral Acceptance), which is basically the last legal step before the travel steps initiate.  And so we're matched, ready to go, and waiting on travel approval.

Our TA (Travel Approval) is the next piece of paperwork we need.  There are some steps to get there, so please pray for all of them to happen and soon.

Some of the logistics we're praying about:

Cheap(ish) airline flights for all of us.  We anticipate taking Peanut with us and the Queen's Sister (Beauty Queen).  That ain't cheap.  The boys will remain and do school.  Peanut's in Kindergarten, so we're not so concerned about that.

Visa applications for China to go smoothly.

Paperwork in the US-side of the process and paperwork in the China-side to get hustled through.  We've asked for expedites on everything.  UPDATE:  as of this afternoon (1.21.14), we have a key piece of paperwork, our I-800.  Now we need a speedy delivery of our GUZ Number and so forth so we can get our DS260 completed and then move other paperwork along.  We're all still confused about the numbers and letters, but God isn't.  Thanks for praying.

Maggie's health condition is somewhat of a mystery to us.  Her paperwork shows some things are happening in her body, so we'll be seeing doctors as soon as we get back.  You can pray for all of that.

Lastly, we're trying to wait well in these days.  We didn't do a great job when we adopted Peanut.  We want to do better - and I think we are, though it's a struggle for us to learn patience and then employ it.

Thanks for covering us.  We are buoyed.

Here are my favorite pictures so far...

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