Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rebuff or Repent?

Here are some excuses that people use when convicted of sin in order not to repent of that sin but rebuff that conviction.  See if any of these sound familiar.

  • “It was only once…”
  • “I promise I’ll never do it again”
  • “It’s not hurting anyone” 
  • “God will forgive me” 
  • “It’s just not that big a deal”
  • “That’s just legalism”
  • “I can stop anytime I want”
  • “But what about them / that?” 
  • “Our culture just isn’t like that now”
What happens when we rebuff the conviction rather than repent of it?

Spiritual Callouses.

Those are terrible things, demanding a kind of surgical work of the Spirit of God in order to make the rough and tough become pliable and supple again.  You cannot play with sin like that and think it won't have consequences.  And none of them are good.  None of them.

Don't rebuff.  Repent.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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