Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 6.9.13

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 6.9.13, from Ephesians 4.25-5.2.  You can find these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also download the audio via our podcast on iTunes.

Part 16 – A Picture of Justice and Beauty
Ephesians 4.25-5.2

5 Commands of Ethics that paint the picture of what justice/righteousness and holiness/beauty look like

Reside in Truth
  • Remember that God is Truth (John 14.6)
  • ExtMot: lying doesn’t just hurt the other, but me too.
  • Speak the Truth to sin
  • Find out the facts before you share

Have Self-Control
  • Remember that the Spirit bears this in us (Gal. 5.23)
  • ExtMot:  giving the devil a foothold is never good
  • Are you angry about the right thing?
  • Are you angry in the right way?

Live Generously
  • Remember that Jesus is God’s generosity on display (Rom 8.32)
  • ExtMot:  the shame of not having something to share
  • Don’t steal
  • Produce something:  work is the creation of value
  • Share with others:  live as a self-limiting capitalist

Watch Your Words
  • Remember Jesus warned us about careless words (Matthew 12.36)
  • ExtMot:  you will grieve the Holy Spirit
  • Words can wound or give grace

Check Your Attitude
  • Put away:  bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, slander, malice
  • Put on:  kindness, tenderness, forgiveness
  • ExtMot:  This is how God treated you
  • Remember God’s attitude toward us:  sacrificial love

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