Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family Adventure, Fatherly Grace

Our family is in the midst of an adventure right now, working in an area we sense called to by God.  Is it trying?  Yes.  As a super-small example of this, I normally blog 3-5 days out.  I'm writing this Wednesday night.

Is it disheartening?  It certainly can be.  Is it frustrating?  At times.  Is it gut-wrenching?  Certainly.  You know what overcomes those adjectives?


We daily depend on God to provide what we need, trusting Him for patience and endurance and wisdom and discernment and energy.  And 100 other things.

It's something I preach regularly and it's something we as a family are trying to walk in and live out and model for others.  I talk to patients about cancer.  I talk to parents about kids.  I talk to spouses about marriages.  I talk to sinners.  And I talk about grace.

Grace isn't something ethereal.  It's help for sinners and strugglers.  One of my favorite authors (Dallas Willard) points out that mature Christians are those that depend on God and burn through His grace the most because they are trying the least to accomplish something in their own strength.

Good thinking for today.  And the good way to live.


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