Monday, May 20, 2013

Jesus, the Ruthless One

Why is Jesus so ruthless sometimes?

Have you ever thought that?  Had that question?  I have.

"Take up your cross daily..."
"Die to yourself..."
"Sell everything you have..."
"Lose your life..."
"Hate your family and even your own life..."

All very much biblical.  Red letter material, every one of those statements.  And everyone of them ruthless.

But why?

Because if Jesus were more romantic than ruthless, we'd do our best to have two loves.  He know it won't work that way.  Jesus can be romantic in a sense - a wooer, tender, gentle.  But my experience and my reading of the Bible point me to belief that his tenderness has to do with our pain, not our sin.  When it comes to pain, romantic.  When it comes to sin, ruthless.

He knows it's killing us.  Even if we don't know it, He knows it.  Sin always has death as its endgame.  So Jesus chooses to play hardball.  It's a strange kind of mercy, but it certainly is His mercy.  Thinking otherwise leaves us entangled rather than free.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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