Thursday, May 9, 2013

The depth of God's love

I wrap up these musings with a question about how deep is the love of God.  Probably the best way to understand how deep is the love of God is to understand how deeply we have sunk in our lives.

Ever been in a pit?  (Ps.40)  Ever descended into the depths?  (Ps.139)  Ever had a cycle turn into a spiral, sucking you down and more violently with each revolution?  Ever slid so far that there wasn't daylight?  Ever been stuck with no way out?  Ever been so mired that the only thing solid to stand on is mud that's not really solid at all?  Ever grieved so much that your muscles ached from your convulsing?

Deep in depression?  Deep in addiction?  Deep in sin?  Deep in despair?  Deep in trouble?  Deep in darkness?

God's love is deeper than that.  When Peter speaks of love covering a multitude of sins, he's talking about the depth of our depravity - God's love is deeper still.

Here's the best part for me.

He doesn't just rescue us.  That's amazing enough.  But it's the way He does it.

There's no rope thrown from afar to get us and drag us into the boat before we drown.  No!  He jumps into the water to save us.  He enters into our calamity.

He becomes human.

He dies.

He rises.

He didn't just pull us up, He carried us out.  I think that is a different kind of love altogether.  One worth remembering and celebrating.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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