Monday, May 6, 2013

The length of God's love

How does Paul describe the love of God?

It is long.  But how long?  It’s long enough to secure you until your final breath and into eternity.  When the cancer call comes or the widow maker happens, His love has not flagged.  When the breath barely comes or the mind goes into dementia, His love has not failed.  Until your final breath.  And then into eternity, where you’ll be loved forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

There’s so much to God’s love and it’s length that it will take eternity to get your mind around it.  Nothing will compare to it.  Just about the time that we think we have it figured out, we’ll see something new that will take another billion or so years to understand. 

But nowhere is it easier to see today than at the cross of Christ.  God loved sinful people so much that He gave His Son as a substitute, dying in their place.  Knowing and believing that love today changes everything for us for eternity.

But that’s just me thinking thoughts…

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