Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Upward Basketball Coaching

I coached my first Upward basketball practice last night.  A group of eight 7-year olds were mine for 55 minutes.  Here are some things I learned...

At 39, I'm not 18.  Enough said.

The key skill for children's basketball is dribbling.  Think of it like chewing.  Yes, it's that necessary.  No, it does not come that easily or automatically.

Parents who jump off the sideline to help with drills are how I know the truth that I just might be entertaining angels unaware (Heb. 13.2).

Though we don't keep score in most smaller kids leagues, competition is healthy.  I'm not sure I'm a fan of not keeping score - but I'm not in charge and so am glad to play by their rules.

Upward, as an organization, is very well run and organized.  Kudos to them and I'm glad we're a part of it.  For all who can participate and can bring a friend, I recommend it!

I pushed hard during my workout yesterday morning, the morning before the basketball practice.  Did I mention that I'm not 18 anymore?

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