Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 12.9.12

Here are the sermon notes from today's sermon on Peace, being the Second Sunday of Advent.  You can find these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also get the sermon audio via our podcast on iTunes.

Christmas 2012 
Part 2 – Peace 
Micah 5.1-4

God is at work even in the darkest days.

  • Judgment is coming because of their sins of social injustice and spiritual infidelity (3.9-12).
  • The judgment comes in the form of captivity (4.10)
  • There is no escaping or saving themselves from it (5.1)
  • God seems to make most specific promises during toughest times.

God is at work in surprising ways.

  • The Messiah will come out of a surprising place.
  • The Messiah will come for a surprising reason.
  • The Messiah will come from a surprising origin.
  • The Messiah will come with a surprising outcome. 

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