Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Encouragement on a Tuesday

One of our first graders in church was asked by her mom the other day what she was most thankful for this year.  Her reply, without a hesitation:  "I am thankful, mommy, for eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Now, what's cool about that to me as a pastor is manifold...

We baptized both of her parents not too long ago.  God has done an incredible work in their lives, drawing them to Himself over a period of time and through the love of our church and clarity of His Word.

Her phrase, "Eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord," is straight out of Romans 6.  Where did she pick this up (as I don't know a 6-year old who talks like this normally)?  Our AWANA ministry is helping her memorize and retain the Scripture.

She's connecting that modeling from mom and dad and the teaching from the church to her life.  And she probably can't explain the depths of the Trinity (neither can I wrap my brain around such a mystery), but she can articulate and no doubt knows that the kind of life she wants comes through trusting Jesus.

"Truly, I say to you:  whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child cannot enter it." (Mark 10.15).

So be encouraged on a Tuesday.  God is very much at work all around us.  In little ones.  In families.  In places where we may not normally look.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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