Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love Done Gone

I like country music.  I really do.  I can barely stand most music that gets played on Christian radio these days.  Country feels more real, more honest, and a heck of a lot funnier.  On occasion, though, I run across a country song that I think just about gets everything wrong.

Here's one example of that song.  It's an affront to marriage.  It sentimentalizes love (I mean, when your wife gets cancer or breaks her neck and is a quadriplegic, is it okay to say what this guy says in the song?).  It's reflective of treating marriage more like a junior high dating relationship than a covenant before God.  It pretends that love is always easy, always fireworks, and a quantity you can run out of instead of a daily choice you make.  And don't get me started on the Bachelor/Bachelorette fiascos.

Enough frustration on my part.  For all the places it gets it right, here's a swinging, jazzy, beeboppy example of getting it wrong.  Lyrics on the video.

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