Wednesday, March 26, 2014

World Vision chooses by not choosing

For those of you who haven't heard, World Vision, the child-sponsor organization whose president wrote a pretty dang good book called The Hole in our Gospel, has chosen to hire practicing homosexuals, thereby lifting a prior ban on this particular form of immorality.  Please note, the hiring ban against practicing adulterers and other immoral people still stands.

So why did they choose to do so?

It's simple surrender.  Capitulation.  Thinking they're not choosing but actually choosing.

In their illogical logic, they say they are not choosing sides on an important cultural issue and then by their actions choose a side.  Their argument goes like this:  this is an important but contentious issue.  So we're not going to get in the middle of it.  Therefore, we're going to lift the ban on hiring practicing homosexuals who are in a marriage relationship in states (like Washington, where World Vision is headquartered) that have legalized it.

By lifting the ban, they have chosen sides.

They have sided against the teaching of Scripture.  They have sided against 2000 years of church history.  They have sided against Bible-believing people who have supported children through them.

Sound harsh?

All the believers in Jesus who follow His teachings now have to make a decision.  That's actually how I heard about this case.  A friend called and asked what his family should do about their support of a family through World Vision.  For the record, I think people have the legitimate ethical option of completing their sponsorship without any problem from Jesus.  I think they also have the legitimate ethical option of supporting a different child through a different agency like Compassion International.

Progressive and mainline denominations will applaud it.  And they will call folks like me less-than-biblical or mis-priortized because I care about something like this rather than children in need around the world.  I'm not a prophet, but my guess is that they will see 30% shrinkage in their revenue in the next several months.  How many families in need of support will that impact?  So, if I'm right - which is a big if, they have moved away from biblical morality and the social justice they care about so much.

Before you pick up the ad hominem rock of "You're mean like the Scribes and Pharisees," just know I would've written this about any self-proclaimed Christian organization who made such a foolish moral call on another moral issue.

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