Friday, March 21, 2014

Last one, I promise: Louisiana College

I write about these things this week just to point out that there is stuff going on in the evangelical world that needs attention, and not just from the secular press.

So it is with Louisiana College.

Joe Aguillard, the current president of LC, has apparently misappropriated funds, cost the college a $10M donation, removed more than a few faculty members, and covered up and then paid off the kind of actions that get you fired.  There might have been other issues with investigations, barely survived votes of confidence, leaks from the board of trustees, and relations to the state convention.

I have friends in Louisiana.  I have other friends with degrees from LC.  I've known a faculty member there. It's all ugly.

And for pastors and the president to hide behind theological controversy in order to cover up the leadership issues is organizational and spiritual hubris of the worst kind.  Yuck.  Now the students are "on strike," refusing to attend class until the president goes.

And Jesus wept.

You can look at the local paper, the Town Talk, for more info.

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