Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 3.24.13

Here are the sermon notes from Palm Sunday, 3.24.  I don't preach on Jesus entering Jerusalem, but annually take the opportunity to talk about the cross and the substitutionary atonement of Jesus.  You can get these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also download the audio via our podcast on iTunes.

Part 6 – The Dead Live
Ephesians 2.1-7

We have a big problem
  • We are dead in our sin (v.1)
  • We follow God’s enemy (v.2)
  • We indulge our desires (v.3) 
  • The result:  we are under God’s wrath (v.3)

God has a beautiful solution
  • He is motivated by rich mercy and great love (v.4)
  • He made us alive with Christ (v.5)
  • He opened the spiritual realm to us (v.6)
  • He will forever display for us His grace (v.7)

But we have a problem here:  how could God actually do this and remain God?

Christ is our propitiation (Romans 3.23-26)
  • His sacrifice appeased God
  • His sacrifice pleased God

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