Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick Family Update

For those who are kind enough to follow this blog and actually read it, you may already know the information I am posting today.  For those who do not, here's a quick family update.

On 2.27, the Bear had surgery (again).  This time, the hardware from last time was taken out (we still have it!) and a tendon transfer on his feet was done.  This will hopefully put him on as stable a base as possible as he rounds the corner into puberty's growth spurts.

He has about 3-4 more weeks in casts but has done exceedingly well with both attitude and pain management.  This is a marked improvement over last time where his pain was so overwhelming that managing it was a full-time effort.

So thanks be to God who hears our prayers and yours, who has compassion and mercy for 10-year old boys and parents of the same, and who has shown Himself faithful in a thousand ways.  Furthermore, thanks to all who prayed, called, asked, brought food, sent goodies, cared, stopped by, and checked in. We are abundantly thankful.

Trent (for the fam)

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