Monday, March 25, 2013

I *LOVE* March Madness

It's absolutely true.  It can border on idolatry this time of year.  No kidding.

We have brackets posted outside my office.  My brothers and I play.  Our mom is in on the deal.  Several folks at church are in too.

I love how Florida Gulf Coast is destroying brackets everywhere.  Even though I picked them, I (kinda) like it that Gonzaga went down to a really good and crazy hot Wichita State team.  I love it that the guard from Ohio State jacked a 3 right in a guy's grill to win the game.

Little schools making their mark.  Little guys making their mark.  Little things making their mark.

Like a little leaven that works its way all the way through the lump of dough.  Like a little mustard seed that produces a plant that even birds can nest in.  (Try on for size Matthew 13.31-33)

That's what the Kingdom is like.  Seemingly small.  Overlooked and outmatched.  But irrepressible.  Unstoppable.  Unmanageable.  Like March Madness.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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