Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Excellent thinking on Gay Marriage by a friend

My friend and co-laborer Doug Hankins has put into writing an excellent post on Christian interaction on the gay marriage issue.  

Some highlights:

With the recent state elections moving in the direction of affirming same-sex marriage as a normative political and social value, many Christians are being pressed into an awkward and unforeseen circumstance: They must come to terms with how to respond to the question – What do you think about gay marriage?
Not to claim any wisdom of leadership, especially of a Fortune 500 company, but Schultz could have responded in many other ways to Mr. Strobhar’s question.  His curt and ungracious response was a misstep for sure. But, Mr. Strobhar was equally guilty of pushing Mr. Schultz’s button with a self-described “maverick” style of aggression.
In this case, [Rob] Bell has nuanced his position without holding to the plain teaching of scripture.  In other words, Bell has left the Bible by the wayside and is holding to his own choose your own adventure Christianity — which is not Bible Christianity at all.
Dan Cathy.  Hateful oppressor of gay people? Nope.  Evil CEO with an evil agenda? Not quite.  Homophobic wealthy white Southerner?  Negative.  Shane Windemeyer called Dan Cathy “respectful” and “civil.”  

He closes with 3 salient points for followers of Jesus:

1.  Make growing in your satisfying relationship with Christ your goal

2.  Know and boldly speak the truth
3.  "Loving" is the best method for everything

You can read the whole post here.

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