Monday, July 5, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 7.4.10

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 4 July 2010.  As always, you can find the sermon audio at (we might be a day or so late because of the holiday).

Jesus, Demons and Pigs
Mark 5.1-20

Jesus Liberates the Individual
  • There is no natural solution to the man’s problem (v.3-4).
  • His life was marked by disruption and destruction (v.5).
  • His only hope:  supernatural deliverance (v.6).
  • Jesus takes on the real issue and deals with it (v.7-13).

Jesus Invades Culture
  • Fear comes because they do not understand and cannot control transformation (v.15-16).
  • Every culture, without a prevailing crisis, will drift toward deism.
  • Deism is a refusal to give thanks for blessings and accomplishments.
  • Deism is a removal of accountability for actions and attitudes.
  • Response:  “Go Home” or Fortress?
  • Response:  “Tell” or Privatize?
  • Response:  “Tell” or Legislate?
  • Culture can remove Christ, but He still invades it through those He saves.
  • We declare our delight in every area of life – and this area matters most.

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