Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 7.18.10

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday's sermon.  You can find the sermon audio here: or on the podcast via iTunes.  May God grant the clarity and power to His Word that changes lives.  Amen.

Jesus gets Dissed
Mark 6.1-13

Why do they take offense?
  • Content (v.2) – what He teaches is more than philosophy or pleasantries.
  • Prejudice (v.2) – no one from His kind makes a prophet or teacher.
  • Familiarity (v.3) – thinking you know Him and knowing Him are not the same. 

What is the Response?
  • Dishonor (v.4) – even among His own.
  • Distance (v.5) – few came to Him, most stayed away.
  • Disbelief (v.6) – not the same as doubt.

The message is scandalous and only received by faith (Heb. 11.6).

What does He do?
  • He sends missionaries to the culture (v.6-7).
  • He sends them with authority (v.7).
  • He calls for their commitment on God (8-9).
  • He calls for their commitment to the recipients (v.10-11).
  • He relays the message through them:  repent (v.12).

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