Thursday, July 1, 2010

100th Post

Idolatry in the human heart is as varied in form as the individuals who populate the planet.  But it has a singular solution:  the cross of Jesus Christ.

Think about this:  there are 6.something billion people on the planet (who counted them all?).  Not one person's DNA is exactly the same as another (identical twins excepted, of course).  Not one looks exactly the same.  And no one carries within them the same exact expression of the uniting problem of humanity, sin.

Some are adulterers and lusters.  Some are angry and violent.  Some are cold and conniving.  Some are greedy and wicked.  Some are murderers.  Some are liars.  Some are cowards.  Some are hypocrites.  All are sinful.

The sin within the human heart comes from the exaltation of that which is secondary to the primary.  It's when money, pleasure, desire, emotions, possessions, status, power, and all sorts of other things trump God in our allegiance and affection.  This is idolatry in its simplest form, though no wooden, stone or metal figure occupies our worship.  Out of this idolatry flows evil and unrighteousness in its various expressions.

What do we do with all of this heinousness?  We must funnel every bit of it in our hearts to the cross of Christ and encourage others to do the same.  There, idolatry is destroyed, the sin is paid for, and righteousness is given to us.  It's clear why Paul says we must crucify what's within us (Rom 6.6ff, Gal. 2.20, et al).

I'm learning this myself (and remind myself often of it):  the Gospel is the starting point of Christianity and we go deeper into it rather than starting there and moving on from it.  Amen.

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