Thursday, July 9, 2015

On Lines in the Sand

There's a relatively new book out that talks about the holiness of not judging another (upfront disclaimer:  I have not read the book nor am I commenting on any particular content of it).  I appreciate the thrust of that as Jesus is pretty clear on what that means and looks like.  What I have significant concern about is the lack of discernment that often comes with it when applied in our cultural moment.

One description of the book talks about ways we can erase lines in the sand that keep people from coming to Jesus, or even coming to us and then to Jesus.  Again, I appreciate the thrust of that.  I think any barrier that can be removed should.

But some can't.

And frankly, it's not lines in the sand that keep people from coming to Jesus.  It's the line that is drawn right through the human heart that bends it toward selfishness and rebellion and ends in brokenness and...wait for it...judgment.

Away with the manmade, line-in-the-sand barriers.  I'm all for that.  But some heartmade barriers cannot be put aside.

If anyone wants to be my apprentice, let he or she live self-denyingly, take up a cross everyday, and follow Me. ~ Jesus

If anyone comes to Me and the other relationships of parents, family, and even his or her own life don't look like hate in comparison to following Me, then that person is not really a follower at all. ~ Jesus (again)

The people who deny that Jesus is who He says He is and say He didn't come in the flesh:  they aren't followers of Christ but the antiChrist. ~ John

Like children following the example of their father, don't wrap your life around or give room to desires you used to do, but be holy like God is holy. ~ Peter

There are things to put to death, there are things to put away, and there are things to put on.  Be careful to do all of that as the Word of Christ instructs you. ~ Paul

On and on we could go.  Those just can't be taken away which is where so many end up, even though they never intend to get there, when they start talking about removing barriers to the Gospel.  And that approach is long on tolerance but weighed and found wanting on discernment.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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