Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Today is a Big Day

There's something special about July 8.  Want to guess?

She's the kind of feisty that makes you think her natural hair color is red.

She's the kind of strong-willed that has made her a fighter and a survivor, putting Ronda Rousey to shame and leaving highly educated people scratching their heads.

She's the kind of hilarious that invokes a belly laugh by simply remembering some of the shenanigans that lie in her wake.

She's the kind of beauty that smiles from so deep within that her eyes disappear.

She's the kind of trouble that has The Queen and I saying, "If you had been a first, you'd have been an only."

She's the kind of cute that has 1000 faces and infects us with her giggles.

Happy Birthday, Minion.

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