Monday, February 17, 2014

This Crazy Life of Ours

The Queen had the audacity to ask me the other night, " you think we're signing on to a life of never-ending craziness?"

"Of course we are."

Our adoption this time has taken 25% of the time it took with Peanut.  25% of the time.  That's crazy. The mountains we have seen God move have been Himalayan, and that's crazy - but He never got tired, thankfully.  We are flying out in a few days (we even got reasonable airfare).  That's crazy.  We'll come back to a slew of medical appointments, which will open up a whole new can of craziness.

But through it all, I can absolutely say this:  we never would've seen God move in the ways He has if we had stayed comfortable.

May that be a lesson we continually live - and may you risk something and find it to be true too.

P.S.  Happy Anniversary to Heritage Park.  Thanks for putting up with me for 7 years.

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