Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I have found a new prayer for my kids...

I have found a new prayer for my kids in an unlikely place.  The biblical book of Job.

And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great. [Job 8.7]

Bildad, Job's unfriendly friend, says this to Job in the midst of his suffering.  It's in the context of God's justice in the world and, essentially, a call to repentance.  We know how the story goes:  Job wasn't particularly guilty of anything except loving God so much, so Satan was allowed to test him with disaster, disease, and dumb friends.

Terrible friends though they were, they didn't necessarily lie.  God is just.  God does rouse Himself on behalf of those who see Him (8.4-6).  Those things are true.  They just weren't particularly helpful to Job - and for the record, not particularly helpful in the hospital room either.

That is all digression to come back around to this point.  I like the prayer that leapt in my heart when I read 8.7 this week as part of my McCheyne reading plan.  

I like it because all four of my kids have faced hardships in their lives in the earliest of stages.  The Bear has a hereditary issue that is degenerative which we discovered at 4.  The Ninja had emergency surgery at 6 weeks, had significant food allergies until he was 2, and almost had his liver shut down at 18 months.  The Peanut started life in a different country and has physical challenges of her own.  And the latest addition (who isn't in our possession yet) may very well top them all with her situation.  

Though the beginning was small, may their latter days be great.  And not just great.  Very great.  Influentially great.  Powerfully great.  Love-soaked great.  Loyalty-stained great.  Much-fruit great.  Very great.

A new prayer birthed in a dad's heart.  You're welcome to join in for your own kids in the same way.

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