Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thoughts for a Thursday

"Sweeping generalizations about the poor act like a a cancer that destroys our compassion and generosity...Often, we figure they don't deserve our help, but that is not the issue.  After all, Jesus loves us and died for us even though none of us is deserving of it...Here's the irony:  we judge families who get government help while we fail to help those very same people.  On top of that, we often advocate shutting down the very social programs that keep their kids from starving.  If the government discontinued all welfare programs tomorrow, I'm not sure we would be ready, willing, or able to help all of the people in need in our communities."  ~ Johnny Carr, Orphan Justice, p. 93
Something worth thinking about.

P.S.  As a quick note, I am finding that posting thought-provoking quotes like the one above out of a book or article I'm reading or have read is a worthwhile conversation starter.  Agree or disagree with anything in the quote, I hope it provokes thought and conversation.

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