Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A boring part of the Bible

Admittedly, not every part of the Bible is miracles and awe-inspiring.  I'm currently in the part that's not.  I use the M'Cheyne reading plan and I'm plowing through the Chronicles right now.  The first several chapters of 1 Chronicles are genealogies and, if I can be honest and still remain a pastor, ridiculously boring.

And so I was laying out the boring nature of these genealogies for God and reminding Him of how good a Christian I am that I don't skip these parts and He reminds me of two things...

First, the genealogies are roots.  They locate the story among a people.  Real people.  Real histories.  Real families.  Real happenings.  Real connections.  Real stories.  This is not some disconnected, golden tablet, angel revealed craziness.  The events happened in a real context with real people.  All of the stuff following in 1 Chronicles happens, at least in part, because Shimea met and married a nice Jewish girl and had Berechiah.

Second, the roots remind me that God uses real people.  None of them were perfect.  All of them failed the good and faithful servant test at some point.  But these were the people who perpetuated the Jewish lineage.  And, more specifically, these were the people who perpetuated the Messianic lineage so that another Jewish boy would meet and marry another nice Jewish girl, and though it didn't look like they thought it would, Joseph and Mary would be earthly parents to the One who would rescue us all.

When God reminded me of that, I had a little less attitude and a little more perspective.  Here's hoping you do too.

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