Monday, December 16, 2013

Praying for Adoption Stuff

We have some great friends.  Seriously.

I have a couple of friends in the doctoral program I'm in that have emailed to say they're praying for us and how to pray more specifically.  Tons of folks on Facebook have prayed, bought shirts, and asked how to pray specifically.  People at church who aren't on Facebook have done the same.  Ministry friends from Kansas and Missouri have jumped in on the prayer and support thing.  Friends, family, and friends who pretty much are family have rallied and prayed and shared.  The adoption community has shared our situation and opportunity and many have emailed to say they're praying and some have bought shirts.

On and on I could go.

So just in case you're wondering, here are some specific prayer requests:

1.  We're waiting on a key piece of paperwork called the Letter of Acceptance/Approval (I've heard it both ways, but the key is LOA).  The short reason why it's important:  it readies us to begin the visa and travel process.  We've asked for expedited everything.  It's a mountain.  But God moves mountains.

2.  We're praying for health for Maggie Mei.  Her diagnosis is pretty severe.  But heart conditions bend to the authority of Jesus.  Even now, God can send forth His word and heal her (Psalm 107.20).  It's a mountain, but mountains were formed by and they relocate at the Lord's bidding.

3.  Monday the Queen is meeting with a cardiologist.  You can pray we get good information and get answers to any number of questions we have.  Again, a mountain.

4.  We're praying and invite you to pray along with us for a travel date for January 17th.  If not, we get stuck behind Chinese New Year and offices being closed and so forth.  This is an Everest.  But since we're asking for big things, we figured we go ahead and put that out there.

Thanks for praying.

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