Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Social Commentary 3: Women in Combat

There has been much ink spilt over the institution of women in combat.  Some have been pro.  Some have been anti.  I won't rehash everything - I'll only speak to one thing.

It's a bad idea.  Seriously bad.

War is horrific, though I've never experienced it firsthand.  Images are enough.

And men are called as protectors, it being instinctive in our DNA.  When war has to happen (and it doesn't as often as it does), it ought to be in us to demand the protection of our women.  We would never send our kids off to war, would we?  We cringe at the sight of 13-year olds carrying AK-47s in some jungle bush of an African Banana Republic.  In my mind (and from Genesis 2), it doesn't seem that different when we send women into combat situations.

I, as a father, would never want my wife or daughter in that situation.  I cannot imagine the President wanting his two in that situation.  For the record, not my sons either - but certainly not my daughter.  I know that it's not politically correct to distinguish between the genders, but it's necessary!

This is a bad idea.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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